kunal bhola

Hi, I joined the catering industry after finishing college in New Delhi, India in 1998. 
After training at the 5 star Hyatt hotels, I landed my dream job on the Carnival cruise lines based in Miami, USA.  The work within a mass catering environment, where quality is prime for the discerning guest, helped me develop my skill within this trade.

I learned technique and various cooking skills for large catering operations.

I then moved to England in 2004 and continued my education within this industry, graduating with a MSc in International Hospitality Management. This qualification reinforced my culinary knowledge but also opened a higher level of kitchen management. 

After graduating, I have worked in some quality hotels around Yorkshire, Plymouth and a brief stint at Petrus under chef patron Marcus Waring at the Berkeley Hotel, London.

I found a great opportunity to come and work for Keepmoat Stadium at a later time and have been serving our clients our delicious dishes.
My culinary trend is Oriental and Asian influenced and this will be seen in our future menus with DRFC. I describe my dishes as simple with an unexpected twist. 



Kunal Bhola

Kunal Bhola